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About our founder, Milena Keratsinova

Owner Milena Keratsinova with her dog Lucy

I set out on my journey with the most pure and compassionate intentions for developing a product that would provide others with solutions for fixing their issues, not masking them. At my core I am driven by the possibility to empower others to learn how to heal what ails them, so that they too can live their best lives. I am intrinsically motivated to present people with a product that is not only affordable, but potent and pure, and beautifully untarnished by the impurities in which we find in many of the products we use in our daily lives.

I grew up in humble beginnings in Bulgaria and even in my youth I strived for what many called the “American Dream,” or at least as close as I could get to bettering my life. Once I arrived in the States, my so-called “American Dream” was short-lived, I was hospitalized just two weeks after arriving in America. It was determined that I had a bleeding ulcer, brought on by stress and consuming food my body was not accustomed to.

Western medicine it seemed was not the answer for my ailing situation, but soon became the cause of many more health conditions, Crohn's Disease, Fibromyalgia, Irritable Bowel Syndrome, severe Depression, and Anxiety. That is when I turned to Mother Nature for solutions to my debilitating health conditions and so began my labor of love for Plant Based Medicine and for a true lifestyle change.

Through my many years working as a Mechanical and Civil Engineer in a predominantly male dominated field, my overall health and self-worth continued to deteriorate, and although I was at the precipice of attaining as much knowledge as I could about utilizing Mother Nature’s gifts to cure myself, I still was allowing stress and self-doubt to cloud my gut intuitions.

And so I left behind the hustle and bustle of my Engineering career and turned my focus toward nature and all of it’s gifts just waiting to be bestowed upon an individual both willing and open to attain the knowledge needed to spread the healing properties of all that lies within our reach, and so I became that willing and open individual. Looking for purpose in the ideas of others led me to go out on my own to find purpose within and so began the infancy stages developing the Abaca Botanics brand.

Which brings me to the present, I have become emboldened by the possibility of being able to share the wisdom I have learned during my time becoming one with nature. I have found my inner peace, as can you. Nature provides us with an abundance of natural resources and I have chosen to delicately imbibe in all that nature has to offer. In my creation journey of Abaca Botanics my mission has remained the same, I strive to create a harmonious symbiotic relationship between nature and self, with sustainable benefits and attainable and achievable results. A product for the dreamers, my many years of trial and error in the pursuit of the “American Dream” has finally come to fruition, and your dream too is only a step away! I cannot wait to explore this journey of balance with you, here is to our prosperous and harmonious present and future as we begin to share our lives with Mother Nature, may we luxuriate in her healing powers and bask in the benefits of her offerings.